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Beauty in the Eyes ( 2 Min. China)
Director(s): Shanchun Yan, Xiyong Yin, Mingming Chen
Producer(s): Shanchun Yan
Screenwriter(s): Shanchun Yan, Xiyong Yin, Mingming Chen
Genre: Short/Animation/Romance
A shy man and a pretty woman fall in love at the first sight on the side of the West Lake. 

  Blue Eyes in Harbor Tale (8 min. Japan)
Director(s): Yuichi Ito
Producer(s): Yuichi Ito
Screenwriter(s): Yuichi Ito
Animator(s): Fumi Inoue
Cast: Maria Kawamura
Genre: Short/Animation/Fantasy
In a port town “Y”, where there are many old artifacts which are animated through a long time, a piece of brick lives as a pilot for the “guests” from overseas. One day, he meets a doll girl came out from a boat house on a river and their story begins.
  Doron Coron (3 Min. Japan)
Director(s): Yuichi Ito
Producer(s): Etsuko Iwata
Screenwriter(s): Yuichi Ito
Animator(s): Ikuko Iwatsuki, Mayuko Tazumi, Motoki Ohno Shin Hosokawa, Masato Hayafune
Cast: Yuichi Ito
Genre: Short/Animation/Adventure
Doron Coron is animated in an unexpected way with mud and angel’s pee. He leaves the town, meets various kinds of creatures throughout the year, and communicates with them. And then, he returns to the soil eventually.
  Fifi Cat Therapist - Panic Attack (3 Min. USA)
Director(s): Mike Blum
Producer(s): Mike Blum
Screenwriter(s): Mike Blum
Animator: Ramiro Olmos
Cast: Sascha Alexander, Artt Butler, Spike Spencer  
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
You’ll never believe what’s causing Jersey-tough, Bobby the Bobcat’s panic attacks! Bada-bing, bada-boom!
  Harbor Tale (18 Min. Japan)
Director(s): Yuichi Ito
Producer(s): Yuichi Ito
Screenwriter(s): Yuichi Ito
Animator(s): Fumi Inoue, Masato Hayafune
Cast: George William, Yuichi Ito
Genre: Short/Animation/Fantasy
A red brick which is a piece of a brick-buit building has watched the changing times of the Harbor for a hundred years. He also has seen “the glittering square thing” from there. One day, he gets out of the building wall to find it.
  Interesting (4 Min. China)
Director(s): Zongqing Sun
Producer(s): Zongqing Sun, Yamin Feng
Screenwriter(s): Zongqing Sun
Genre: Short/Animation/Music
The film illustrates an amazing Chinese ink painting. In a river, a black fish was attracted by a beautiful red fish, which is surrounded by flowers and dancing elegantly to the music of a lovely waltz. 
  Jobwatch (6 Min. Turkey)
Director(s): Yoong Wah Alex Wong
Producer(s): Yoong Wah Alex Wong
Animator(s): Zeynep Ozel, Muge Mahmutcavusoglu, Ecem Bezer, Basak Erbakan, Burak Ertekin, Pamir Mundt, Eylul Guler, Hendrik Ludders, Tugce Karakaya, Ensar Gunesdogdu, Yigit Sakin
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
There is no perfect interview, interviewee and interviewer. "Jobwatch" showcase the conceptual representation of such tedious interview process that leads to humorous and unexpected ending. 
  Life of Sarumomo (11 Min.Japan)
Director(s): Takumi Kawagoe
Producer(s): Takumi Kawagoe
Screenwriter(s): Takumi Kawagoe
Genre: Short/Animation/Family/Romance
A poor mother and her son live in a small house. After the mother dies of illness, the sad son meets a dear girl, but a war begins soon.
  Light Man, The New York City Saviour (7 Min. UK)
Director(s): Marek Light
Producer(s): Marek Light
Animator(s): Jawaad Nazir
Genre: Short/Animation/Crime/Sci-Fi
Light Man is now the new superhero of the earth, based in New York City. Miraculous changes have happened since his arrival and crime and corruption are starting to fade. The purity of truth of the light exposes the weakness in the darkness through Light Man’s awesome ethereal power.
  Tenebris (6 Min. Romania)
Director(s): Sova Ion
Producer(s): Sova Ion
Screenwriter(s): Sova Ion
Animator: Sova Ion
Genre: Short/Animation/Drama
When death haunts the battlefield, the last wish of a soldier is to join his beloved person. This is the tale of Tenebris which fight his way to meet his wife.
  The Beggar ( 4 Min. Iran)
Director(s): Mohammad Reza Gholami
Producer(s): Gholami
Screenwriter(s): Gholami Saadatmand
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
The story of two beggars who will do whatever to get money...
  The Garden Keeper (11 Min. Israel)
Director(s): Ariad Shiknagi, Gal Genossar
Producer(s): Netanela Evyatar
Screenwriter(s): Ariad Shiknagi
Cast: Liel Krawczyk, Sara Agmon, Evyatar Halimi
Genre: Short/Animation/Drama/Adventure
An entire imagined world develops within the mind of Yossi, a daydreaming adventurous boy who decides to save the nursery from the clutches of Lizzy the teacher of "Emerald" preschool.
  The Papa Leone's Pizza Show - PUS (11 Min. USA)
Director(s): David Lowitz, Eon Oxer
Producer(s): David Lowitz, Eon Oxer
Screenwriter(s): David Lowitz, Eon Oxer
Cast: David Lowitz, Eon Oxer
Genre: Short/ Animation/Mixed Media/Fantasy
Faddy uses the pus from Alvin's wound as a delicious pizza topping, and pizzas start selling like hotcakes!
Upgrade (4 Min.Israel)
Director(s): Koby Hadour
Producer(s): Koby Hadour
Screenwriter(s): Koby Hadour
Genre: Short/Animation/Adventure
This is a story of an unlucky lizard, in an ongoing epic quest after the unreachable.
  Yokohama Tale (3 Min. Japan)
Director(s): Yuichi Ito
Producer(s): Yuichi Ito
Screenwriter(s): Yuichi Ito
Animator(s): Yuichi Ito
Genre: Short/Animation
This film is collaboration by three artists who love the port town “Yokohama” in Japan. There are three parts in the film, which are “Chat”, “Once Upon A Time in Red Brick Warehouse”, and “The White Seamew”.

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