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We offer customized sponsorship packages, ranging from $1,000, which are designed to meet your marketing, advertising, and sales needs. Your association with the Epic ACG Fest along with our education programs and special events will provide you with access to our very diverse and loyal audiences and international animation/movie/game/comic stars.

Sponsorship will allow you to:
• Build brand recognition and offer unique branding experiences with our audiences
• Showcase your company's commitment to the arts and education
• Receive year-round benefits designed to keep you in front of your target market
• Capitalize on the Festival's world-wide reputation and strong presence in the market

Let us help you create a unique opportunity for your company to engage your brand with our audiences!
For a customized proposal, contact: info@eacgfest.org

EACG Fest Program Book is distributed free of charge to festival attendees. It is an indispensable guide to all festival events and screenings.
Additionally, an electronic version of the EACG Program Book, including the advertisements, is available as a free PDF download from the festival website
Event Booths are in the venues for the entire festival time. Each Booth has a table and two chairs.

For more information about advertising contact: ads@eacgfest.org or 310-541-8040




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