2015 EACG Fest Juries
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2015 Epic ACG Fest, Jury & Special Guests




 Animation---Jury & Special Guests

Jon V. Peters; Art director, director, and producer
Jon Peters is founder of Athena Studios, which focuses on stop-motion animation and visual effects. His work as a designer and producer on corporate and commercial productions has won numerous awards for his studio and has been written about in Fortune, Forbes, Adweek, Print and various other publications over the years.
Jon started his career as an industrial designer and professional model-maker and went on to start several award-winning companies in design and technology. He first became interested in stop-motion animation when he saw Ray Harryhausen's work on The 7th Voyage of Sinbad as a child. It took 45 years for Jon to fully realize his dream to form a stop-motion studio, but as Jon says "the best things in life are worth waiting for."
Mr. Peters is the Producer of the stop-motion animated feature film Auntie Claus (currently in development). He was an elected Board Member of the Northern California Chapter of the Visual Effects Society.Jon lives in Piedmont, CA with his wife and three children. His studio is located in Emeryville, CA in 'Hollywood North,' just down the street from Pixar and Tippett Studios
  Jeff Bedrick, Animator, art director, concept artist, and director
Jeff’s career has spanned virtually every category of visual art and media over the last 25 years. Highlights include prestigious international exhibits and publications of his original paintings; directing and editing short films; matte painting and visual effects for numerous film and television productions including Shrek 2 (DreamWorks/PDI), and The History Channel’s Life After People; art direction and animation for computer games and mobile apps; illustrated books for Doubleday, Harper Collins, and many other publications. He currently writes and instructs live and online courses in the animation and illustration departments at the San Francisco Academy of Art University
  Lakeshia Davis; Actor, agent, animator
Lakeshia Davis from San Leandro Ca, I am the Creator of seasonal Twitter Soap Operas launched in 2015 under profile @BlackBunie. I'm also the the CEO to Oscar Award Winning Scripts as the
detailed listing of my featured movie Scripts, theatre playwrites can be found on LinkedIn under profile Lakeshia Davis. I share passion for many things,Acting, Film,Movie Scripts, Soap
Operas, Playwrites are for every Genre, is but a small fraction of my being. I am also the Creator of extensive medical research & development to world Cures such as Cancer AIDS,HIV,EBOLA
Black Plague,Blood Borne Pathogens & Hereditary diseases. Projects for innovation & technology, Classified Projects for every branch of the United States Defense 
Nelson Recinos, Animator, Director
Nelson Recinos is a two-time Emmy Award-winning Animation Director. He has more than twenty years experience in the animation industry, the last ten as a Producer/Director/Creator.
At Warner Brothers Animation, he directed some of their top rated shows, including Pinky and the Brain (for which he received five Emmy nominations), Batman, Animaniacs, and Baby Looney Tunes.He has worked on 2D-traditional, CG-computer and flash projects for companies such as: Disney, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox, Starz, and Scholastic Entertainment.
In May 2008, Nelson received a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Woodbury University
  Lisa Rose; Animator, Art Director, Director, Voice Artist
Lisa is interested in creating dynamic characters and relationships and exploring the borders between colors and shapes.
She grew up in a family of artists in Los Angeles and spent an inordinate amount of time drawing characters while watching them on TV. Drawing was (and still is) her solace. She became equally obsessed with music and dance studying and performing with dancers including Bella Lewitzky and composers and musicians including Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith, and the original Art Ensemble of Chicago.She began freelancing as an illustrator while in elementary school and making animated films while in junior high school. Lisa worked as an assistant art director while in high school and went on to earn both a BFA and MFA in film at California Institute of the Arts. As technology improved and developed, She went to work for companies ranging from Apple and Sun to EDS and Medicus in usability engineering and human computer interaction design and produced the very first animated film made entirely on a Macintosh computer
Nick Bianconi; Producer, Director, Actor
Nicholas is a young filmmaker, graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in RTVF (Radio Television Film Theater). He has been get involved with many movie productions since his high school years. He is a writer and producer, known for Bad Bargain (2012) and Mind Sight (2013). He is a gamer and like anime and movies.



Comic & Game  Jury & Special Guests

Angelia (Zhining) Huang; On Site  Comic portrait drawing Artist 
Graduate from Communication University of China in 2014, Angelia (Zhining) Huang is currently enrolling in the graduate program at Academy of Art University, majoring in 3D animation. Angelia is skilled in Chinese painting, quick sketch, graphic design, and illustration. In 2012, Angelia, with her team, used Samsung Note 10.1 to make the “Starry Sky”, which was recorded in the Shanghai Guinness Record. In 2013, she designed the mascot for the National Race Championship and studied 3D modeling in Taiwan Art University as an exchange student. Later in 2014, Angelia started her internship as a 3D modeler at Beijing Binggu Digital Technology Company. Besides 3D animation, she is also talented in photography and skiing
Venus Li;  Mah Jongg Game Judge
Ms. Li has been playing Mah Jongg for 20 more years, enjoy the games very much, and use it as a tool to meet friends. She has won many Mah Jongg competition titles 
Edna CSF; Cosplay Contest Judge
Edna loves fairy tales and comics. She enjoys dress up in costumes as a way to express herself. She has been Cosplayer group leader for many years and host many events.
She also loves to sing karaoke and to dance.  
Sophie Lee; Cosplay Contest Judge
Ms. Sophie Lee is a sucessful fashion designer, she has been in the indurstry for over 15 years, own her own brand name" Sophie's". She is the president and chief designer of Sophie's Fashion Chain Clothing Stores.

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