2016 Epic ACG Fest
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Epic ACG Trophy

About 2016 Epic ACG Fest

Epic ACG fest is a unique event showcase animation, comics and games. Though screening, exhibition and competition, bring together the creative elements, the artists and the general public from worldwide.
During the festival, EACG is also hosting the Live Demonstrations, Networking Receptions, Master Workshops, Panel Discussions, Business Symposiums, Recruiting and the Professional Exhibits offered throughout the event as well as the One-On-One Personal Consultations with creative professionals from top studios and educational institutions both local and international. The Award ceremony is a red carpet event that provides recognitions and great memories.

Click this for The 2016 Epic ACG Fest Program and Schedule 




2016 Epic ACG Fest Winners


Award   Winner
Best Animation
Best Animated Fantasy
Best Animated Comedy
Best Character Design
Best Voice-Over Performance
Best Music Score
Best Comic Series
Best Comic Painting
Best Cosplay
Best Masquerade
  Golden Shot (Turkey)
Roger (Spain)
Killer Recipe (USA)
Last Station (Spain)
Agrinoui (Cyprus)
My Life I Don't Want (Myanmar)
Planet Rabbit (Song Bai, 2016, China)
Nuke Neighbors (Raymond Fernandez, 2016, USA)
Yuanli Su
Sunny's Drama Space


2016EACG Committee:

Lynn Tang
Ni Huang
Judy Hu
Elaine Hu
Haily Duke
Yunicia Sun
Sheila Santa Maria
Hui-Jun Jian

Jesse Solomon
Lakeshia Davis
Nelson Recinos
Robb Denovan
Jeff Bedrick
Lisa Rose
Venus Li
Sophie Lee

2016 Epic ACG Fest Offical Selections 

Animation (A) You're Watching A Movie (France)
Agrinoui (Cyprus)
Al's Adventures in Monsterland (USA)
Burgatory (USA)
Cease Game (Uruguay)
First Snowfall (Canada)
Golden Shot (Turkey)
How's Your Prostate? (France)
Killer Recipe (USA)
Last Judgement (USA)
Last Station (Spain)
Lila (Argentina/Spain)
My Life I Don't Want (Myanmar)
Night Terror (USA)
Notes from A Japanese Town (Sweden)
Poochini (USA)
Roger (Spain)
September Sketch Book (USA)
The Edge (Russia)
The Third Wish (USA)
Comics Planet Rabbit 
Games Cubic Puzzle---- Maeya Studio (USA)
Mahjongg ------- Hongwen Yie ( China)
Masquerade The Kingdom of Ginseng: New Legend (USA)
Ma Liang and the Magic Brush (USA)


The 2016 Event Photos

by Wes Wang

The Epic ACG Fest Venue: 
Nov.5, 6, 2016
Albany Community Center & Room 2
1249 Marin Avenue, Albany, Ca 94706

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