2017EACG Fest Special Guests
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2017 Epic ACG Fest Special Guests




 Animation---Jury & Special Guests

Bob Harper; Animation Producer/Director 
For Bob, It all started out simple enough, working at a comic book store. Then there was the adventurous period of the painful and difficult job of pro wrestler. That was followed by stand up comedy, which proved to be even more painful and difficult. Let's not forget the confused period of stage magic, but let's face it, nobody likes magicians. Finally Bob settled for career in animation where he has created and worked for companies such as Disney, Cartoon Network and DreamWorks TV.  Presently he is creating new projects and directing an animated series for Chinese television. Bob is now building his own studio, A Fistful of Crayons, while hanging out with his kids in search of bigfoot and UFO's.
Malene Allen, Illustrator, Artist
Malene Allen, from St. Thomas U.S.Virgin Islands, have a bachelors in Computer Animation from Miami International University of Art and Design as well as a masters degree in Animation and Visual and Effects from Academy of Art University of San Francisco, California. Currently She is an Illustrator for Passion Fruit Cards and Cartoon Drawing teacher for The Young Rembrandt's Franchise. She is also a student at Codify Academy in San Francisco, California studying Front End Development. Art is very therapeutic for her therefore in her spear time she enjoy teaching art to people with disabilities at Pomeroy Recreation Rehabilitation Center and Age Song University in San Francisco to Seniors. She believes that Art can heal the world.
  Jinglong Li; VR Game Creator, Investor, Producer
Mr.LI is a successful entrepreneur who is the CEO of Beijing Battle Time Technology Ltd. He launched world first virtual reality E-Sports tournament World Virtual Arena (WVA) at 2015, and the WVA has been hosted all over the Asia for at least 50+ tournaments. He is also the founder of WRA ( World Robot Arena) tournament.
The Beijing Battle Time purchase many famous film IP for VR Game development, such as “ Ip Man”; “ The Booming”; Gongfu Panda”; “ The legent of Zu”; “ Wu Ling Feng”.
  Lakeshia Davis; Actor, agent, animator
Lakeshia Davis from San Leandro Ca, she is the Screen Writer for Motion Pictures, President and CEO of American Manufacturing Companies, True2Color Cosmetics, Soul of The Earth Earthies Organics Earthies Originals and Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. to learn more visit www.true2colorcosmetics.com
a’Ali DeSousa, Actor, Writer, Director
a'Ali DeSousa is an exceptional talent before and behind the lens. He touches your heart with tears and laughter. A mesmerizing gaze or a well placed word reeks with profundity. He is gaining notice as a serene yet powerful and truthful actor.
The quintessential renaissance creative a'Ali DeSousa graces both sides of the lens with authenticity, poignant and impacting storytelling. An up and coming independent filmmaker he is willing to provocatively ask us to look at our stories as humans in a way we are unaccustomed.



Comic & Game & Cosplay Jury & Special Guests

Angelia (Zhining) Huang; On Site  Comic portrait drawing Artist 
Graduate from Communication University of China in 2014, Angelia (Zhining) Huang is currently enrolling in the graduate program at Academy of Art University, majoring in 3D animation. Angelia is skilled in Chinese painting, quick sketch, graphic design, and illustration. In 2012, Angelia, with her team, used Samsung Note 10.1 to make the “Starry Sky”, which was recorded in the Shanghai Guinness Record. In 2013, she designed the mascot for the National Race Championship and studied 3D modeling in Taiwan Art University as an exchange student. Later in 2014, Angelia started her internship as a 3D modeler at Beijing Binggu Digital Technology Company. Besides 3D animation, she is also talented in photography and skiing
Venus Li;  Mah Jongg Game Judge
Ms. Li has been playing Mah Jongg for 20 more years, enjoy the games very much, and use it as a tool to meet friends. She has won many Mah Jongg competition titles 
AShanti Altovese Griffin, Costume Designer
Dancer, Actor, Model, & Costume Designer are just some of the titles Ashanti Altovese dons on a daily basis. She uses her skills in the creative arts to develop original designs for bikini competitions, dance performances, and pageant shows. With a single semester of Sewing 101 during her high school learning, Ashanti has gone on to create a fashion line for women called Bellas & Bikinis, a collection of matching evening gown and swimwear sets. In addition, she developed her own fragrance line called Salsalicious to celebrate the sexy dance of Salsa, in which she is a professional performer, instructor, and competitor
Sophie Lee; Cosplay Contest Judge
Ms. Sophie Lee is a sucessful fashion designer, she has been in the indurstry for over 15 years, own her own brand name" Sophie's". She is the president and chief designer of Sophie's Fashion Chain Clothing Stores.

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