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Games of EACG Fest 

EACGF-Game is a vibrant festival and showcasing exciting and innovative games across the world. Interactive media of all types are welcome and works-in-progress are encouraged. EACGF's goal is to bring the general public and industry attention on interactive entertainment of all types.
Game competitions are based on various interactive types, including virtual worlds, puzzles, augmented reality games, alternate reality games, interactive narratives, design, 2D, 3D, mobile, experimental, web-based, and social games. We also accept alternative content as serious games, documentary games, activist games, learning games, and other forms that fall outside the traditional categories of entertainment and traditional definitions of the term "game."


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EACGF-Game categories:
"Main" and "Student" entries are judged separately.
• Casual
• Puzzle
• Virtual worlds
• Mobile
• ARGs
• Sandbox
• Mods (provided they conform to game engine licensing agreements)
• Serious
• Documentary
• Activist
• Art
• Other

EACGF-Game platforms:
• PC
• Web Browser
• Mobile

GAME SUBMISSION: Print out FORM (download)

Online Form (Click)

Submission Processing Deadlines and Fee:
Before July 15, 2017 ; Main: $50; Student:$25

Regular Submissions: July 16 - Sept. 1, 2017: $60; Student: $30

Late Submissions: Sept. 1- 30, 2017; $80; Student: $40


• The action of the game should be culturally authentic, timely, and of universal appeal.
• Game content should be creative, highly original, and demonstrate artistic and technical mastery.
• All non-English language games must have legible English language subtitles or translations.
• Games accepted into the festival must arrive with shipping and customs duties or taxes pre-paid.
• Works in progress are permitted and encouraged, but they should include at least one finished, playable level
• A submission form must be completed.
• All game content and copyrighted material must be fully owned by the designers/developers; if outside material is used, legal permission must be secured.
• If you plan to submit a work that is on a non-standard game operating system, please plan to submit review hardware and have a representative on-site to be responsible for installation, or to supply hardware with the game fully installed to the Festival.
• Fill out the entry form and pay the submission fee
• Agree to the terms and conditions.
• Upload, postmark, or supply a link or a minimum of three download codes for your game. For games that require custom builds, UDID, console accounts for gifting, or other such information, you must clearly a) provide required information and b) state the information you need to submit the playable build, and you will be supplied with this information as jurors are assigned to your game. For iOS games, we have an anonymous process for transferring UDIDs through the jury system anonymous email and then ask you to create a custom builds of your game for these unique UDIDs.
•All submissions must include a working build of the game or information on how to access one; this can include a list of events or venues where the game was shown, or ability to demo the game at a special jurying session. Physical games must be mailed or shipped to EACG Fest. Developers should be prepared to provide any special input devices or technologies required to play the game on request.
•All submissions must include a technical contact who will be available to troubleshoot as needed and who will respond to emails within 24 hours. If you are submitting your game on behalf of a school, agency, or publisher, please be sure and include this information
• All physical entry materials will not be returned (no IP rights are affected).
• Incomplete or late entries may be disqualified.
• The EACG will not accept any content that advocates or supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias
Entrants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, and permits necessary to present their work. Epic ACG Fest is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.
Every precaution will be taken to safeguard all materials sent to the Festival, but the Festival is not responsible for damage to submitted materials incurred by shipping to or from the Festival.
Stated submitter will be considered the contact person for the film and thus will be the only one receiving emails and information regarding the status of the Games's acceptance in the festival.
EACG-Game is a competitive festival. There are two groups: Maine and Student; under each group, games are accepted into various categories, including casual, puzzle, ARGs, mods (provided they conform to game engine licensing agreements), serious games, documentary games, activist games, art games, virtual worlds, sandbox games, and others. Entries will be selected by a diverse jury consisting of game designers, artists; curators and academic.
Applicants will be notified on or before -Oct.6, 2016 if their production has been officially selected. Upon acceptance you will receive an email from Be sure to have on your accepted email list
Each finalist will receive:
• Two (2) All-Access passes to the EACG Fest;
• Up to five (5) Exhibitor passes (no monetary value) to allow access to the Show Floor to showcase their games.
• Coverage in a Sponsor-issued press release;
• 1/6 page print poster with commentary in EACG Fest program book
• Permission to use a version of the official contest name and finalist logo in promotional materials relating to the submitted game
Finalist Requirements
Each finalist will be required to exhibit their game at the festival. Exhibition duties will include: (i) staffing a conference booth; (ii) demonstrating the finalist's game during specified hours; and (iii) conducting oneself in a manner that upholds the good name and reputation of the festival. EACGF will provide one (1) display pod for each finalist, which will consist of a table, chairs, electricity (and Internet connectivity if required), and signage indicating the name of the finalist and the name of their game. Each finalist will be expected to supply their own computer, console, or other platform required to display their game, along with any additional necessary hardware.
Any individual finalist who is unable to attend may officially nominate a proxy attendee. Proxy attendees must perform the same duties as the finalists.
Each finalist will be responsible for their own costs of travel, meals, accommodations, and equipment.
Any finalist that does not satisfy all of the requirements of this section may be disqualified, and EACGF may select an alternate Finalist from the remaining submissions.

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